Your financial support of our chapter is imperative and allows us to provide philanthropic support to our community and fund our events and programming throughout the year. Also, consider becoming Life Loyal  for more details click here.

Alumnae chapter dues renew annually, typically in September, but you may join at any time.  Click here to pay your dues online with Pay Pal.
Current Dues are:

For Life Loyal Members*:
Regular Alumnae Chapter Membership                               $25
Recent Graduate                                                              $20
Graduate Student                                                             $20
60+ year Thetas (Sr. Members)*                                        no charge

For non-Life Loyal Members (includes $30/ Year national dues)
Regular Alumnae Member                                                 $55
Recent Graduate (2016)                                                   $50
Graduate Student                                                            $50
60+ year Thetas (Sr. Members)*                                       $30

The annual Membership Directory will be made avaialble to dues paying members in PDF format.  
If you require a printed copy of the Membership Directory please include in an additional $5.00 with your dues paymebt
*Dues Catagory Notes:
 Life Loyal Alumnae Member:  If you are a Theta Life Loyal member with the national organization, you are not required to pay the annual national chapter dues. To become a Theta Life Loyal member, you pay a onetime fee of $299. For more information about becoming a Theta Life Loyal, click here.

60+year Theta: 
If you are a 60+ year Theta you have option to select this dues category if you prefer not to pay local chapter dues or, if you would like to contribute to the operating costs of the chapter, you are welcome to continue your regular Alumnae membership. 
To pay your membership dues
To pay dues online via Pay Pal Click Here.  To pay by check download the
membership form and mail it along with a check made payable to  Bloomington Theta Alumnae Chapter to the Chapter Treasurer (address listed on the form).

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