Standing Committees
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Internal Communication Committee: handles all internal communications, b including membership communications, notes of congratulations and condolences to chapter members.  Ann Whitlatch is the Chairman.  

External Communications Committee: Handles all external communications including Alumnae chapter website and social media accounts.

Service and Philanthropy Committee:
This is a combination of the fundraising and service committee defined in the Alumnae Chapter handbook. Responsibilities include leading fundraising activities, allocating funds raised by the chapter and coordinating the chapter’s service projects. Chairman is Liz McCrea

Nominating Committee: responsible for slating elected officers in the spring. Traci Nagel is the Chairman

Membership Committee :
this is a new committee we are trying this year. Role is to coordinate database and welcome new members… essentially the welcome wagon of the Alum chapter. Will include welcoming new members to town, and the chapter and helping them feel welcome at events and meetings. Fran Stewart is the Chairman.


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